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Since a while now, I've seen and used the power of git. In 2016, the best free hoster of public git repositories is still GitHub.

That's also where you'll find tools that I've never bothered to put here.

See these:

Walter Doekes' repositories, where you'll find:

  • asterisk-chan-dongle (occasional maintenance) - dongle channel driver for the Asterisk PBX
  • pepclean(1) - cleans excess whitespace from files
  • ... and more

OSSO B.V.'s repositories, where you'll find:

  • asterisklint(1) (beta) - an Asterisk PBX configuration checking/altering library
  • sipzamine(1) - a SIP pcap analyzer/grep utility
  • VCUtil - lots and lots of tiny useful utilities
  • ... and more

SIPp (occasional maintenance and improvements) - the SIP tester

udiff (microdiff) - 2011-04

udiff (python application) is a lightweight unified diff tool. It attempts to use a lot less memory than the regular diff, making it suitable to find small differences in large files (e.g. insert statements in database dumps).

Get the test suite (a simple Makefile) to assert that it works.

See a more detailed description at the April 2011 note: diff / memory exhausted / udiff - 2010-03 is a python gtk script that provides a subset of the ANWB Examentraining Rijbewijs B CD-ROM features for Linux. You will still need the CD-ROM, but you do not need Microsoft Windows or Mac OS(X).

See a more detailed description at the March 2010 note (in Dutch): ANWB Rijopleiding CDROM / Linux

pyl10n - 2009-02

Pyl10n is a thread-safe locale module replacement for python. It is not complete yet but it's getting better each time I need a new feature ;-)

Currently it supports most of strftime(3) and all of the LC_NUMERIC and LC_MONETARY functions.

It includes an application with locale middleware for django.

kjwlib-php45 - 2008-11

A set of PHP library functions. Created between 2006 and 2008 and compatible with PHP4.3+ and PHP5, it is used extensively by my previous employer for all its websites and a couple of maintenance scripts.

Get it from SVN: kjwlib for PHP4 and PHP5

Update - 2009-04-08

An official (and ugly) kjwlib page is online:

unxutils - 2008-12 is a collection of Unix Utilities you can run on Windows. Unzip it in your SYSTEM32 dir, and get netcat, grep, diff, etc..

See 2009 tips for details.

lightcount - 2008-10

LightCount is a light-weight IP traffic counting tool. It uses a raw packet socket to sniff ethernet packets, accumulate the packet size and counts and store an average every 5 minutes. Hosting companies use it to calculate the 95th percentile to charge their customers.

Because it is coded in C with as few conditionals as possible, it is lightning fast.

Check out the LightCount project page.

smtpvrfy - 2008-08

A tool to check if e-mail addresses exist. It can be used as a command line tool or as a CGI application.

It initiates the mail sending but terminates after finding out if the user exists at that domain. This works in most of the cases and should be RFC compliant.

False positives will occur for mail servers that accept mail first and bounce it later on. False negatives shan't occur, except when all valid mail servers or your own link is down (or when your IP is blacklisted for any particular reason).

Files: (view) - The tool, written in perl
smtpvrfy.sql (view) - (Optional) Create table script for caching with MySQL

Socket, Net::DNS and optionally DBI (packages perl-base, libnet-dns-perl and libdbi-perl, respectively, on debian)

Warning: Providers do not like it if you scan your gigantic subscriber database for phoney email addresses. Use moderately. E.g. for checking email addresses when entered by the user.

smburl - 2007-04

A Windows Visual Basic script that creates an smb:// URL handler in the registry that handles "the smb protocol" by passing a rewritten URL on to explorer.exe. For example, a <a href="smb://my-server/some-path"> HTML link, gets fed to Windows explorer as \\my-server\some-path.

If you're in a local area network, and you're not using Internet Explorer, your browser will very likely open file:// URLs by "downloading" them. On a local area network, you probably want to "open" them instead.

If you can get those URLs changed from file:// to smb:// then this script is for you. Mozilla Firefox and Opera will use the handler to pass the file or directory on to explorer.exe which does what you want.

Get the latest version: smburl3b.vbs (view). See Opening SMB files using Opera or Mozilla Firefox for all the details.

(To those who want this to work for file:// links as well: Windows does not take kindly to you hijacking the file protocol. And the Windows version of Firefox does not support the configuration option; it uses the registry to get these handlers. If anyone has a solution to this: I am all ears.)

tthsum - 2005-06

An md5sum(1) like program for Tiger Tree Hashes (as used by Direct Connect).

Update - 2010-03-07

An official (and ugly) tthsum page has been online for quite some time now: At the time of this writing, tthsum is at version 1.2.1.

Consider the files below as out of date.


Current Old:

Debian files:

Old versions:

srtresync - 2005-01

A utility to resync simple srt subtitle files.

Download: (view)