Jesper Hjalmar Doekes

About the birth of our son, Jesper Hjalmar Doekes (2007-10-23).

Author / copyright: Walter Doekes


After a relatively easy labour, on October the 23rd, 2007, my (now) wife, Marlous Doekes, gave birth to our son, Jesper Hjalmar Doekes. His due date was December the 17th so he was eight weeks early and had to be hospitalized — unfortunately.

In the hospital he has been doing great. He left the NICU the 9th of November and his enteral feeding is decreasing in favor of breast feeding and bottle feeding. (His diet consists only of expressed breast milk, like the WHO advises. Fortunately Marlous has had no trouble at all squeezing out the necessary milk. *Crosses fingers*)


In the mean time Marlous and I got married to provide stability and security for the little one. The 27th of October I was subjected to a bachelor party and had to walk around town in a ridiculous outfit.

We recieved lots of great gifts from friends and colleagues. Mostly clothes, books and even a brand new bugaboo cameleon — a baby buggy — from my work at Thanks a lot to all for the party and the great gifts :-)

The marriage on the 29th was a quick in-out; done in just under ten minutes.


Until the day of birth we did not know the gender of our child yet, so we had a first name reserved for both possible genders. Because the name had to be pronounceable in both Dutch and Swedish — my father is Swedish (Raymond Chen should like that :-P) — Jesper was the best male name we could think of.

As middle name, he got the given name of my Swedish grand father, Hjalmar Berger, born March the 10th, 1901. And as surname, my surname, obviously.

A selection of images from the hospital


As of Friday the 16th of November, he has been “home” with us — finally released from the hospital. He has been doing great.

Check back later for updates. There's more to come. At least more images.